The Hole in Our Gospel – Taught by Kyle Allen and Gene Collier

Using the text The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns, this class will explore whether we take on our faith fully, or if we follow only portions of the gospel. Stearns compelling story of dramatically altering his life to follow God’s call demonstrates that the whole gospel was always meant to be a world-changing, social revolution: a revolution that begins with each of us. This class meets in the Blue Room. Find out more about this class here:  Adult Study-The Hole in Our Gospel


That the World May Know  Taught by Tom MacMichael, Sharon Nanz, and Don Mankie

That the World May Know is a DVD series created by Ray Vander Laan that guides people in a deeper appreciation of the scriptures by gaining a sense of the land and culture from which the Bible comes. Join this class for lessons from Volumes 14 and 15 of this series, exploring Paul’s message to the church in Philippi and the call upon God’s chosen people Israel and it’s continuance in the life of Christ. This series will take you into the depths of the Scriptures and reveal what the message is for us today in the modern world. The truth of the Gospel still applies! This class meets in the Green Room. Find out more about this class here:  Adult Study-Falling Upward and Clash of Cultures


Texts for all classes will be provided by Covenant! Come join us in Faith Formation!

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